Dr. P.C. Simon
Copyright 2004

    Creatorism  promulgates the truth that only the Creator is God. Creatorists believe that the nature of
    the Creator is infinite, unconditional love.. Heaven is where the Creator is and the  Creator is
    everywhere. Therefore all places  can be heaven. Human beings can convert a heaven into hell or vice
    versa  by their belief system.

    The basis of the belief of Creatorism that the Creator is love and the purpose of creation is for
    companionship is the result of logical investigation of the nature of the Creator and the purpose of
    creation.. How did the Creatorists arrive at this conclusion?

    Scientific data show that all creation starting with the quark exists and grows by accretion. Accretion
    takes place because of affinity, love, attraction or gravity. This is proof that the Creator is love.

    Since the Creator is love and Love cannot exist  with out an object to Love, He had to create objects to
    love. Therefore, He created created everything as objects to love. For example, if I have no children, I
    cannot love my children. Therefore everything God created are objects of His love. That also means He
    loves everything He created.

    Creatorists know that the purpose of creation of human beings is for companionship.  Companionship
    demands  sharing  everything the Creator has including His knowledge and power.

    But a giver cannot give more than what a receiver can receive. We cannot give a one pound gold brick to
    a three month old infant who can hold only a one ounce rattle. Therefore the Creator has to upgrade the
    ability of the human beings so that they can receive Creator’s knowledge and power. This upgrading is
    taking place now and knowledge is doubling faster and faster.

    On the other hand, Creationism and Evolutionism debate how the earth became populated with adult
    human beings. Creationism believes that human beings appeared on earth nearly six thousand years ago
    in adult form based on the calculations of Bishop Usher. Creationism promotes the idea that a firmament
    appeared to divide waters and therefore there is water above and below the skies.  There is no scientific
    evidence in support of creationism while there is scientific support for evolutionism.  Evolutionism
    promotes the idea that all living beings arrived by evolution during millions of years.

    Henry Poincare, the French mathematician said, “Science is built on facts the way a house is built of

    Religious leaders insist that religion  has to be accepted on belief   without verification. Therefore there
    are many unverified  religious claims while scientific facts are accepted only after repeated verification by
    different scientists and researchers.

    The Creatorists recognize that the substance of the Creator is energy and the nature of the substance of
    the Creator is attraction, affinity or love.

    Because of the abuse of the word God by thousands of religions alleging that the word means what they
    say and everyone else is wrong, Creatorists restrict the use of the word God and instead use the word
    “Creator”. Creatorists will use the word God to mean the Creator.

    God’s existence is founded on belief and sometimes belief can be wrong. Once we believed that the earth
    was flat. Therefore God’s existence  should not be left to be accepted on faith without proof.

    Then how can we prove God’s existence? If there is a creation there has to be a Creator just like the fact  
    that there is a  pot maker for every pot. Therefore the existence of creation (The Universe) is sufficient
    proof that there is a Creator.

    Kirshner  an astrophysicist created an orrery, a  replica of the sun and its planets.  By winding a shaft
    the orrery could be made to move in proportionate speed and distance of the sun and its planets. An  
    atheist friend , seeing this replica asked Kirshner as to who made the orrery. Kirshner who was  reading a
    book, casually replied “No one.”  His friend  repeated the question and received the same answer.  His
    friend was   insulted and said “Do  you think that I am such a fool  to believe that this was not made  by  
    some one?

    Kirshner replied. “This just a replica.  Many times when I told that the original was created, you argued
    to prove me  wrong. But now  you cannot accept that a replica could come by itself.”

    To find that there is no hell and that the Creator will not one day cast his creation into hell, Creatorists
    investigated the nature of the Creator to see if he was a cruel monster who would enjoy inflicting agony
    and suffering on his creation.   They found that he had  granted mothers even carnivore-mothers,  
    infinite love for their young ones.  They would sacrifice their lives to protect the lives of their young  ones.

    Therefore the Creator must have  had love,.for we cannot give that which we do not have.

    When the Creatorists  could not find the nature of the Creator, they investigated the substance of the
    Creator because the substance will show the nature just like a thing made of steel will be hard and heavy
    and one that is made of cotton will be light and fluffy. When the Creatorists could not find the substance
    of the Creator, they investigated the substance the Creator used to create the universe.

    They ratified that in the beginning only the Creator existed and there was nothing else.  There was  no  
    substance other than the substance of the Creator. Therefore, the Creator had to use his own substance
    to create the universe. Then the substance of the Creator and the substance of the Universe is the same.
    If the substance is the same the nature must be the same. By studying the nature of the tangible, visible
    objects  we will know the nature of the invisible, intangible Creator.

    Since all objects in the universe were created with one substance namely the substance of the Creator,
    there could be a common nature in all these creations.

    Creatorists found many substances with common nature such as solid, liquid, smooth, rough, light,
    heavy, metals  non-metals, and so on. But there was no one common nature present in all the materials

    Then through intuitive information they found that the common nature of all substances is gravity which
    is attraction. Attraction is affinity or love. Further investigation of many substances in the universe,
    proved that they all have affinity. All large objects are built by accretion or attachment of small objects or
    particles and that the universe exists because of affinity. This proves that the nature of the Creator is
    affinity or love.

    Love does not judge or condemn. Therefore the Creator will not create hell or condemn any one to hell.
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