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    Dr. Simon,  author of The Missing Piece to Paradisehe Missing Piece to Paradise and
    The Philosopher's Notebook
    is  a retired research microbiologist. He co-authored a prestigious four volume textbook
    on infectious diseases of animals and has many scientific publications to his credit.

    Born on a small farm in southern India's Kerala province, he received his early
    education in the local village school. In his teen years, he became an ascetic and an
    itinerant preacher of the gospel. He obtained his degree in Veterinary Medicine at
    Madras Veterinary College. After serving in the Indian cavalry, he joined the Provincial
    Government of Madras as a veterinarian in charge of disease control and livestock
    development. During this time, he studied human nutrition under Dr. W. Aykroid, a
    respected authority on vitamin research.

    Later, Dr. Simon moved to Sri Lanka where his contributions to animal husbandry were recognized by Prime
    Minister Hon. D.S. Senanayake who granted him special citizenship for meritorious service to the country.

    In 1957, he emigrated to Canada. At the University of British Columbia, he completed his graduate degree in
    microbiology and a Certificate in Executive Management. He served the Canadian Department of Agriculture for
    twenty years as a pathologist and research scientist. His areas of research included Fusobacterium necrophorum,
    pulmonary diseases of birds, mycobacterial infections of swine, vibriosis in cattle, trichinosis in bears, and hepatic
    disease in mink. Reprints of his scientific publications were requested from all over the world

    With his vibrant energy, he contribute much to the community. For many years he was an adjudicator for public
    speaking contests conducted by the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. He served on the board of Unity Church as
    Trustee and Treasurer and was one of their most popular guest speakers. In addition, he conducted entertaining and
    thought provoking classes in mind potential both for Unity and for the Vancouver School Board night school. As a
    volunteer, he taught uplifting and innovative classes in life skills and human potential to prison inmates.

    After retiring from the Canadian Civil Service, he taught Animal Science at U.B.C. In 1972, he co-founded the
    Hatfield Society, a nonprofit organization  to rehabilitate parolees and was its President. In 1997, the Hatfield
    Society changed its mandate to providing scholarships to disadvantaged students in Vancouver. In 1994, he
    founded  The Chacko and Lize Simon Scholarship Fund which gives financial aid to deserving students from needy
    families in Canada and India; and  gives disaster relief to the third world. In 2015, The Hatfield Society was wound
    up and The Chacko and Lize Simon Scholarship took over its activities.

    He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Health and a member of the International Society of Crime Prevention. Dr.
    Simon held a private pilot's license and enjoyed flying his Cessna 150.

    In 2002, he was awarded the Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal in recognition of his unstinting commitment to
    charitable works, volunteer service, and generosity to his community and in December 2012, he was awarded the
    Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Canada and the International Community.

    Dr. Simon's extensive world travels and personal experiences added depth to his understanding of man and man's

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The Missing
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The Philosopher's
Chacko and Lize Simon
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The Chacko and Lize
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