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A Few Links to Useful or Interesting Sites
Disease Conditions, Environmental Health, Healthy
Living, Vaccination Information, Traveler's Health, etc.
Veterinary Information
Describes symptoms and treatment of Reflex
Sympathetic Dsystrophy
Symptom Checker, Health Encyclopedia, Medical
Dictionary, Interactive Body Guide, 3D Medical
Animations, Patient Education, The Merck Manual—
Home Edition, Over-the-Counter Drug Guide, Clinical
Trials Information
Spirituality and
News and Links
Offers free access to millions of topics from the
world's leading publishers.
Articles & Features, Facts & Trivia, Cooking Tips,
Recipes, Quotes, Food History,Cookbook Reviews,etc..
Everything you would ever want to know about
chemistry and environmental issues
This is a large collection of resources  from A to Z.
Very comprehensive and useful. Includes links to free
university courses, e-books, videos, etc.
Immense resource
Three thousand files covering three thousand years of
world history
The #1 Self-Improvement site on the web. News
letters, articles, discussion groups. free e-books,
etc. is designed to be a valuable tool
for members of the public who are seeking helpful
information related to self help, motivation, goal
setting, success, memory management, time
management,  public speaking, communication
skills, and mental health related issues like,
addiction, anger management, stress management,
anxiety and depression.
This site gives guidance to the spiritual
approach to life from a Hindu perspective.
Philosophy resources

Free courses on a variety of subjects..
Provides many articles on Knowledge, Creation,
Faith, etc. from a Christian perspective
Science news plus hundreds of links to science related
sites. An excellent resource.
Top science news of the day with links to many other
science sites.
The Philosopher's Notebook
The Missing Piece to Paradise
Chacko and Lize Simon
Scholarship Fund, India
BBC - General
Science and Nature
BBC - Health
BBC -Technology
A useful guide for those who have suffered from
medical malpractice and seek redress
Provides information on the value of banking cord
These websites contain useful resources for sufferers of
mesothelioma and their families. They provide
information on symptoms, treatment options, research,
lists of cancer centres, nutrition, support groups, legal
resources, compensation options, asbestos removal,
related charities, etc.,
Excellent sites providing up to date information on drugs
and  medical devices which may have serious
complications. Invaluable to consumers.
Provides useful information and resources on lung cancer
Chacko and Lize
Simon Schoarship
Fund, British
The Simple Dollar
Provides financial information on finding the
best products and services, saving money,
making smart investments, and controlling
personal finances.
Strange U.S. Laws
In addition to listing strange and bizarre laws
that can get you arrested, this site provides
valuable financial information on a wide
range of topics
Crazy U.K. Laws
A very useful and comprehensive site
dealing with dangers to public health and
safety posed by various consumer products.
Provides valuable information on harmful
drugs, defective medical devices, etc.
This site provides information to veterans
suffering from mesothelioma
Comprehensive site on all things related to