The Philosopher's Notebook

Dr. P.C. Simon, G.M.V.C., M.Sc., F.R.S.H.

(motivational and inspirational non-fiction e-book, 366  pages, illustrated, $15.00)

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    About the Author
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    Dr. Simon is a retired research microbiologist and
    author of many scientific, motivational, inspirational,
    and spiritual articles.  He grew up in poverty on a
    small farm in South  India but did not allow poverty
    and persecution to hamper his abilities to achieve
    success in life.

    He had a lengthy, interesting career serving the Indian,
    Sri Lankan, and Canadian governments in the capacity
    of Veterinarian in Charge of Livestock Development,
    veterinary pathologist, and research scientist. He also
    taught Animal Pathology at the University of British
    Columbia and various motivational and life skill  
    courses for the Vancouver School Board.

    In 1972, he founded the Hatfield Society, a non-profit
    organization to rehabilitate parolees, and in 1995 he
    began The Chacko and Lize Simon Scholarship
    Fund which provides scholarships to children of the
    very poor in his native state of Kerala, India, and to
    students from low income families in British Columbia.

    About the Book

    The contents of the Philosopher’s Notebook reflect
    the experiences and wisdom garnered along the
    author's varied life’s journey from his beginning as the
    son of an impoverished and persecuted widow in a
    rural district in India to success as a research scientist
    and philanthropist in Canada.

    This thought-provoking book shows how we can
    develop our mental abilities, overcome stress, and
    assure success in life. It also explores spiritual issues
    such as a study of the possibility of ultimate
    knowledge and the purpose of creation, All these and
    many more  topics of daily interest are discussed.

    The Philosopher’s Notebook will intrigue, challenge,
    provoke and, most importantly, inspire and motivate
    the reader to fulfill his/her life’s potential.

    The language is simple, the content fascinating, the
    advice practical. Everyone will benefit from reading
    this wonderful, well researched book. The value  to
    be reaped is inestimable.

    Buy The Philosopher’s Notebook now. You will never
    regret it.

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    Excerpt from the Book

    I am a product of adversity. I lost my father when I
    was one year old and grew up as the son of a
    persecuted widow on the daily assassination list of her
    in-laws. This brought the Ceylon Pentecostal people
    to our assistance. I realized that they lived by faith.
    That meant, without asking anybody or telling anyone
    about their needs, their needs were being met. I
    thought it was all a lie and impossible in actual life.
    So, I went and lived with them and found that they
    were telling the truth. I met my own needs during a
    three month period, my needs to go and come back.
    In the beginning, it was all religion but after a few
    years, I realized that religion had nothing to do with it.
    It was mind that created events suitable to our
    constant thinking, desire, and expectation. Later on, it
    becomes subconscious mind. That means even when
    we are not thinking, it happens.

    I realized mind is an infinitesimal part of God, which
    has all the powers God has and this part is in us for
    our use. Just like those who have money in the bank
    can use it for their needs only if they know it is there,
    only those who know it is within us can use this God-
    given power.

    Contents of The Philosopher's Notebook

    Wonder of Wonders
    Vibrant Life
    Turning Point
    Truth or Consequence
    Passport to Success
    Peace of Mind
    Benefits of a Good Partnership
    The Ego and the I
    Human Potential
    How to Become Rich
    How to Overcome Stress
    Making a Difference,
    How to Set and Reach Goals
    Financial Success
    How to Live a Healthy Life
    How to Multiply our Propensities
    Is Sickness Beneficial
    How to Remain Healthy
    Unlimited Wealth
    New Year's Resolution
    The Cosmic Mind
    Power of the Mind
    How We Use Mind to Heal
    Mind: Master or Servant
    The Placebo Effect
    The Nature of God
    Is God in Your Genes
    Man-Made God
    Did God Create Man in His Own Image
    The Purpose of Creation
    Is Jesus God
    My Peace
    Once I was Blind
    The One Energy
    Life and Death

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