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    To Dr. P.C.Simon

    I have been a "trinity Christian for many years although I always felt in my heart that a
    Loving God could not Create a punishing Devil or hell. After reading your book which to me
    is pure gold, I realized my thoughts were confirmed. I am so thankful that you wrote this
    book. And agree totally that thankfulness IS the missing piece.

    I have read many many books searching for the missing piece. I cannot believe that I have
    found the missing piece in my own province. By missing piece I mean the meaning of
    existence. The most interesting thing is that the book is CALLED the missing piece. Thank
    you so much for putting your thoughts down on paper Dr. Simon. I just walked into the
    Mission Library one day and walked straight to where your book lay as I had an appointment
    and wanted reading material. It took all of 10 seconds to spot your book. It has changed my
    thinking and changed my life. I feel like I have been given back my faith. God bless you so
    much for your faithfulness to share what God has taught you. Many many blessings.

    It is my greatest pleasure to have found your book and I would like to purchase five. One for
    each of my children. Oh the blessing it has been for me to have come upon it. The joy of
    God has come to fruition in my life as my deepest questions are answered in such a way that
    confirms in my own spirit the truth.

    I truly feel that god had truly anointed you to teach.

    Geraldine Anderson

    Dear Sir,

       It was quiet unexpectedly that we got the chance to read your book, "Manasakthiyiloode
    Jeevitha Vijayam".(a Malayalam translation of "The Missing Piece To Paradise").   One day,
    our class teacher brought the book to the classroom and suggested us to read it. He opined
    that it would inspire the student community to build up self-confidence and to make use of
    their latent talents for moulding a bright future.

       Many of us went through the book and we were deeply influenced by it. This letter is a
    testimonial to prove that our teacher's words were literally correct. The book opened up new
    vistas of knowledge to us . So far, we were unaware of the immense power deposited in our
    minds by the Almighty. The gist of the book, as far as we could make out, is that nothing is
    impossible for man if we make use of the unsurmountable mental power and faith in God.
    You have succeeded to drive it home with the help of your own experiences and the
    experiences of the many great men in the history.

       Contrary to the conventional attitude towards religion and faith, you observe them in a
    different perspective. Your "faith" is rather revolutionary and logical. The healing power of
    faith has been scientifically analyzed in the book. The book portrays a number of techniques
    to nurture mental power. The book puts emphasis on the fact that unless we are conscious of
    the gifts bestowed upon us by god, we would not be in a position to make the best use of
    them. Your book was certainly a motivating force which helped us to see the positive aspects
    of our day to day experiences. The impact of your book in our lives is evident from the fact
    that all the students who read it have taken solemn resolutions to strive for making their lives
    fruitful by the rightful utilization of their mental power. May the Almighty bless you to write
    more books that would generate waves of creative changes in society.

    With Best wishes,
    Yours lovingly,
    Higher Secondary Students,
    Catholicate Higher Secondary School,
    Pothukal, Malabar, India

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    re. Blessings of Adversity

    You seem to be an amazing person: the essay/article is very well written.

    If I ever head up Vancouver way, I will endeavor to contact you, as I am very interested in
    meeting with such a learned and accomplished person.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. G.E. Nordell,
    Working Minds Newsletter

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    I have accidentally come across your Ultimate Knowledge excerpt at and
    wanted to take this occasion to express my profound respect for the creator of this beautiful
    piece. I find your application of mathematic logic and scientific reason in establishing the
    "morphic resonance", if you will, between gravity and love fascinatingly brilliant. Moreover,
    you are able to impart to the reader a liberating sense of affinity with everything that is, ever
    has been  and will ever be.

    I look forward to reading The Missing Piece to Paradise and thank you for your unwavering
    dedication to the uneasy enlightenment path.

    Best regards,
    Andrei Kozhev

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    re. Blessings of Adversity

    The essay on adversity was very interesting, all interesting. I just looked at your essay on
    Creation and very well done too except that I personally wouldn't put so much emphasis on
    the Creator creating Creation in order to exist or continue existing.

    Kind Regards,
    Tony Bisson

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    re. Theodicy

    I have read the information and find your thinking to be clear, well articulated, elegant, and
    ringing true. Whereas I had come to the same conclusion in my own observations, your
    articulation has added to my clarity. Thank you.

    Gerry Eitner

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    re. Scholarship

    I have gone through your website and I am overwhelmed with joy when I understood the
    philanthropic work you and your directors are doing. I personally appreciate the great
    enthusiasm you have in your personality
    which is surely God-given and I pray that the world may be blessed with a good number of
    such persons.

    First of all, may I congratulate you for having funded the scholarship to provide scholarships
    for poor and needy students to commemorate your mother's charitable works.

    Sister Little Flower,
    Sacred Heart School of Nursing

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    Your articles have been included in the Homehighlight website. We found them to be
    excellently written, of high quality and very informative. We thank you for the possibility of
    enriching our website with your great content. Therefore, we would invite you to post more

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    Dear Dr. Simon,

    Your subject is most refreshing, informative and inspiring.


    Dear Dr. Simon,

    A while ago, I received some of your articles from Article Announce that were very thought
    provoking. They were so interesting that I went to your website and downloaded the lot. In
    short, the content knocked my socks off.

    R. Etheridge

    Dear Dr. Simon,

    I finally got a chance to check out your website. Most impressive.

    Sue and Father Al
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