The Missing Piece to Paradise


Dr. P.C. Simon, G.M.V.C., M.Sc., F.R.S.H.
Spiritual Nonfiction. Paperback, 158 pgs. 58 illustrations, glossary,
bibliography and index. ISBN 189071108X.

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    "Some time ago, my wife, Lize, brought a jigsaw puzzle
    back from Holland. It was a picture of the house in which
    Peter the Great stayed when he was studying ship-building
    in the Netherlands. While assembling the puzzle, she lost a
    piece and could not complete the picture. It struck me that
    we are not able to transform this earth into a paradise
    because one piece is missing. I have searched and found
    the missing piece and that is what I write about here."

   So begins the preface to this book which contains all that you need to
be healthy, happy and prosperous. It is hidden in these 158 pages. It is
up to you to find it.
Topics covered in this informative and inspiring book: are:

  • Effect of the mind on the body, how it can cause disease
    and  how it can heal.
  • Influence of attitude and belief in our lives, the Cosmic
    mind, Witchcraft
  • Biofeedback, Meditation, Visualization, The Subconscious
  • The Big Bang, Gravity, Origin of life, DNA, chromosomes,
    sex, and mutation
  • Cells, Human development
  • Our search for God, Proof for the existence of God, The
    purpose of  Creation

Some of the people mentioned and discussed:

    Norman Cousins, Ann Landers, Rudyard Kipling,
    Pettenkofer, Mary Baker Eddy, Myrtle and Charles
    Fillmore,  Kathryn Kuhlman, Dr. Leshan, Anthony
    Hopkins, Bernie Siegal, Paramahansa Yogananda, Richard
    Bach, Louis Pasteur, Edgar Cayce,  Wolfe Messing,
    Croiset, Emmanuel Swedenborg, John Wesley,
    Ramakrishna, Rabindrinath Tagore, William Shakespeare,
    George Washington Carver, Doppler, Hubble, Penzias and
    Wilson, Cha
Have you ever pondered the great mysteries of the cosmos and

  • Was there a Creator and if so, what was the purpose of Creation?
  • What is the nature of the Creator?
  • What is the material with which the universe was created?
  • Did the universe originate from a Big Bang and if so, what caused it?

Or in moments of crisis, trial and despair:

  • Why good people suffer while the wicked flourish?
  • Why is there pain and disaster such as earthquakes, floods, famine,

Or, at times of bereavement or facing your own mortality:

  • Is there a soul?
  • What will happen to the soul after we die?
  • Is there reincarnation?
  • Is there a hell and heaven

Or when marveling at the products of human intellect

  • What is the mind and where is it situated?
  • Has mind any power over health, disease, wealth, and happiness?
  • What is the limit of human knowledge?
  • Is instant knowledge possible for humans?
  • Will humans become as all  powerful as God
        All these questions and more are answered in The Missing Piece to
    Paradise,  a book resulting from a long personal quest for answers to
    these questions which have been asked ever since our ancestors first
    viewed the stars. What is the great mystical force which underlies our
    universe? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we
    going? How should we make the journey?

      The Missing Piece to Paradise shows there is an inexhaustible source of
    fortune to be tapped and illustrates clearly in simple language what mind-
    potential can do to help us reach unreachable goals.
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    Readers' Comments and

    Mrs. S. Mayes, a reader
    from Maple Ridge, B.C.

    I borrowed a copy of
    your book, The Missing
    Piece to Paradise, and I
    have just finished reading
    it. To me, it was one   of  
    those books you don't
    want to put down. Now
    that I am finished it, I am
    sorry there isn't more!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your
    words. Many confirmed,
    to me, thoughts that I had
    already formulated over
    the years. How  
    wonderful to have your
    confirmation. ... Your
    references to so many
    people and places that
    have been admired by me
    for some time was
    gratifying as well.

    Mr. Mathews Varghese,
    Editor, Malayala
    Manorama Newspaper,
    Kottayam, India

    The book was so
    captivating that I couldn't
    put it down. The
    Beginning is enticing with
    frank, personal,
    anecdotes. It advocates
    the importance of faith,
    trust, and positive mind
    which differentiates the
    winner from the defeated
    in the world. I feel the
    book will motivate people
    and provide a philosophy
    for facing the odds.

    Dr. Robert Chen, B.Med.
    SC., M.D., CCFP,
    President, Post-Polio
    Awareness and Support
    Society of British
    Columbia says:

    Through an extensive and
    comprehensive review of
    cross-cultural rituals,
    experiences and activities,
    Dr. Simon has produced a
    wonderful summary of
    the various ways humans
    have demonstrated the
    power of their God-given
    mind. The book then
    outlines in a clear manner,
    using deductive reasoning
    of the existence of a
    universal power, which in
    our culture is called God
    and of its creation.

    This is one of the books I
    wished I knew about and
    read when I was in my
    twenties or thirties, to
    shorten my search for
    life's meaning and more
    importantly, to provide me
    with convincing evidences
    of a tool for creating and
    designing my life.  

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